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How to present biz cross around the world?
Search engine is a great invention in century world. Everyone can use it
and it's free. However, why people can't see their ranking after query?

Meta tag, description and keywords
Mostly, search engines crawl and recognize what type of your website
through your site Meta tag. Therefore, you have to fill out the Meta
tags before published your website. Otherwise, no ranking show on the
result pages when the users query the search engines.

The Rich Contents is so much important to promote a website, the
people click the links that what they interest to know.
Usually, no high ranking sales and that's illegal at Google (you can buy
Adword to promote your link). Meta tag is not working for Google
Search Engine. However, Google-bot crawl your website through your
page Heading, Content, URL and links (
keywords) to send the index to
search engine and answer the queries. Create an attractive headline,
rich content and more useful links these helpful to fetch Google-bot
crawling your site.

A geographic target
Another concern, search engines answer the queries upon the
geographic location. If you wanted to develop a business in Canada,
you can buy a country domain such as
Let's your country domain mostly appear to geographic target
searching. Make your site traffic!
Why no one know my website in there?
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